There is no waste in the nature. There are destinies to be rebuilt.

A new holistic vision in which everything can be recovered.


Biomass is a renewable and sustainable energy source, used for electric energy and other kind of energy production.

Some example of available residuals for biomass fuel

  • wooden scraps
  • forest residues
  • agricultural waste
  • dry manure
  • different kind of green residual

These residuals ensure a constant supply of raw materials, so the green energy production can continue indefinitely.

"...the farming organic waste (including plants and animal products), produced by forestry and related industries, and industrial and urban organic waste.

(definition of biomass for energetic purposes ref. D.Lgs. 29/12/03, n. 387)


Energy from biomass is a “zero emissions” energy, that is generated from renewable green residuals; such residuals should be destined to dumps or burned, also in some forest fires, otherwise.

Biomass offers other important benefits for the environment and for users, including improving forest health and air quality, and providing the most reliable renewable energy source.


Thanks to ECO20x, biomass will be not a problem but a big resource: you will be able to produce electric energy and heat from wooden waste, protecting the environment.

Discover how we convert biomass and other residual waste in energy.

The energy produced with ECO20x will cost less than that applied in the bill by other suppliers.

Discover why ECO20x is convenient here.


While ECO20x is running, it releases in the atmosphere only a part of CO2 absorbed by biomass during its life cycle, creating a very "virtuous circle". It does not increase greenhouse percentage in the atmosphere.

The energy’s use of wooden biomass is considered by the European Union to be one of the most efficient systems for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In the last few years, the request for energy efficiency techniques capable of respecting the environment is highly increased and the use of biomass within CHP systems has been one of the most efficient solutions.

Ashes for biological farming

Virgin wood ashes are the by product of the ECO20x energy conversion process and such ashes can be used as soil conditioner for plants growth, as reported on Italian Legislative Decree n° 220/95 implementing the reg.CEE 2092/91 about "organic agriculture fertilization and soil conditioner products uses".

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