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For over 30 years CMD (Costruzioni Motori Diesel SPA) has been involved in design, prototyping and development of engines and solutions for automotive, marine and aeronautical fields.

The company was founded in 1971 as “Fratelli Negri Macchine” and it became CMD in 1989.

Today as yesterday the key factor of our company is the capacity of design, mixing our experience with the innovation.

Our activity is focused on customers’needs: CMD is not only innovative products, we also offer our know-how to realize your projects.

Broaden horizons managing complexities through an unconventional approach: this is what we have been doing for over 30 years, giving shape to new ideas


We are a cutting-edge company in the technical innovation, design and production of internal combustion engines and in innovative solutions for safety and high reliability.

Moreover, we are applying our know-how to develop new important solutions for energy and heat production, precision mechanics, new projects and new products.

Over the years the team has grown and the skills have increased, as the sectors in which we operate.

Today our Business core is composed by 5 departments:

Avio engines
Marine engines
Machining components
MicroCHP systems
Research & Development


“We innovate to improve our world: it is the most important resource for us and our future generations.”

Future challenges pass through a culture of innovation.

Only looking the present from a different perspective you can see new developments for the next years.

Over the years CMD has focused its attention on technological revolution, adapting its strategies to markets changes and needs.

But we don’t live on technology and skills only.

Customers and partners is an essential part for CMD: having long term relationship is one of our goals. We take care of your projects.


Our R&D team is composed by engineers with multidisciplinary skills, from electronics to mechanics, from software technology to applied chemistry fields.

Continuous learning

We like improve yourself, finding opportunities in difficult things to discover something of new.
We promote continuous learning to use all new tools and software, to be systematically successful in the design of value proposals.

Design Thinking skills

We explore different opportunities before choosing one path. We are in perfect harmony with all kind of process.

Empathy with customers

Customer's opinion is important for us: listening is the first step of any relationship.

Experimentation skills

We systematically research evidences to support our ideas and testing our vision.
We try our projects from the first step of each new process, to understand its operating performances.

Experience, but even creativity

To give always a complete approach to cutting – edge technologies and final products focused on customers’needs.
We support our customers in every phase engine development process: from technical data gathering to their validation and verification, on specific application.



CMD owns 4 plants, 3 in Atella (PZ) and 1 in San Nicola La Strada (CE) where our goals and our projects take shape.

Our headquarters is located in San Nicola La Strada (CE).

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