Ethics, sustainability and company


Climate change is trasforming quickly the conditions of life on Earth. Even in this moment a large part of total energy consumption in the world comes from fossil fuels, generating pollution and global warming.


The Paris Agreement became law in 2016, since that event, the international community has estated to keep the rising of global temperature below 1.5°C.

Today, over 60% of emitted greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is released from energy production system (UN 2020).

This means that we have a great opportunity to create innovation in the production of energy in an alternative way.

Nowadays just less than a third of the world's energy supply comes from renewable sources (IEA 2020)

With this current energetic mix, we will not achieve the Paris Agreement’s purpose.


Although reached results, we think we must do much more to reduce all climate change effects.

We believe for a responsible and inclusive energy transition as an important requirement for a sustainable future, and for a fast decarbonisation as an essential choice for achieving this goal.


An action is socially and environmentally sustainable if it can continue over time without causing damage to people and the world.

But a sustainable action can even create value, when it get better something for improving people and/or the world.


Mr. Mariano Negri (CMD SpA CEO), has got his opinion:

“In order to answer this question it is necessary to understand what it means to "have an ethical behavior". This certainly, today more than ever, many entrepreneurs are asking themselves .

First of all, we need to clarify the difference between what is ethical and what is ‘just’ legal.

Compliance with the Government laws in which companies operate is only a prerequisite for operating and it does not represent anything of important.

The concept of ethics in the business is increasingly present but, to understand it, we must answer the question: what is the company’s role?

Faced with this question, we can choose one of the two answers: the first is bound to strong maximization of the current production of value; the second one is bound to remuneration of the invested capital, continuing and cultivating also a set of interests of stakeholders, i.e. customers, employees, suppliers with social responsibility with all members of the territory that surround us.

Only this last answer allows us to define an ethical enterprise, also called sustainable that consider people and the envronment in which we operate the most important part of company.

It seems very simple if we resume all in a concept: let's put aside the turnover and let's go to improve the world.

Actually, the two things are really in connection between them: ethical behavior is not used to appear or to do charity, but it is the basis of business success".

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