Range of services for companies and PA

CMD offers a full range of services to help companies and PA installing ECO20x CHP system, supporting them in each process phase.

What we do for you:


CMD checks the area where ECO20x shall be installed, for free.
Our company can supply all engineering services necessary for ECO20x installation.

Assistance provided to start-up of machine

CMD performs the biomass­compatibility tests of to be exploited to power ECO20x as well as it fine­tunes all eventually necessary treatment processes.

CMD also provides the necessary assistance so as to obtain the administrative authorizations that are mandatory for ECO20x installation required by the current law provisions.


The most important Italian banking institutions are available to provide financing on ECO20x and it can have access to tax break (government grant, financing).


CMD supports its customers starting from the Business Plan drafting to the ECO20x installation.

A bespoke and flexible system according to each customer’s requirements so as to allow ECO20x to be immediately installed on-site.

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