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13 December 2021

A few days ago CMD has attended the Annual International Conference "Gasification - a key technology in the energy transition and for the Circular Economy" promoted by IEA Bioenergy Task 33 and by the Horizon 2020 GICO (Integrated Gasification through CO2 capture and conversion) project focused on the technological versatility of gasification.

Compared to other years, the event has obtained more important value after the recent G20 and COP26, during which the main topics have been the research of concrete initiatives and policies to address the current consequences of climate change, with the goal of finding more eco-sustainable solutions and generating concrete information and offers to contrast the current methods of energy production based on coal, replacing it with biomass and renewables.

CMD is constantly committed to promoting sustainability and the Circular Economy.

We do this by designing always new solutions as these values ​​have always been part of our business ethics.

During the meeting, Mr. Domenico Cirillo, technical director of Energy dpt., has reiterated how important the principle of gasification is for environmental protection and how useful technologies such as ECO20x, the CHP system capable of producing electric energy and heat using lignocellulosic biomass, can be.

Not only that, thanks to biomass it is possible to produce hydrogen and consequently to be able to create Hydrogen Valley, offering advantages in terms of consumption and emissions.

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